About Us

Venomous Ink is a custom tattoo studio with local and visiting international guest artists.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a quality tattoo and a unique experience they will remember with joy and want to share with their friends and family.

Our fully equipped street level studio is located on the fringe of the Chippendale Art Precinct, opposite one of Sydney’s Iconic Heritage buildings – the Mortuary Station.  10 minutes walk from Central or Redfern Train Station.

If your a great artist with friends and a tattoo licence, either from Australia or visiting our shores and looking for a safe and fun environment to work – give us a call and come in for a chat about our artist space.

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What We Do

At Venomous Ink  we SPECIALISE in INTERPRETING your dismally vague & unclear IDEAS of what you think you want 🙂


At Venomous Ink, we only use well known and high quality inks and tattooing methods. Our state of the art sterilizing and infection control measures ensures your experience will be remembered for the great art and Australian made aftercare.

Prices start at $50 for a consultation with your own design up to $200 per hour for custom work. All consultation costs are deducted from the final price of your tattoo.

We also have specials such as “Die Hard” and “I’ll be back” to save you plenty of $$$$ off your tattoo.


At Venomous Ink, our staff are well trained with qualifications in infection control and body piercing. No matter where, what or why, we will ensure your new piercing meets all your expectations and more.

Piercing prices start at $50 (including jewelry)


Bring in your own art work or have one of our excellent artists turn your vague ideas into a masterpiece

Prices start at $50 – if you have your own artwork and $100 for custom artwork. Please note that all consultation costs are deducted from the final cost of the tattoo

Touch ups

At Venomous Ink we can rid your skin of that horrid (WTF) tattoo by covering it up with some quality artwork.

We love to put a smile on your dial, so come in and treat your skin.

We will give you a price estimate on your cover-up or can work on an hourly rate of $200


What a great place to go! I’ve been to a lot of places and I have never met anyone
comparing to these guys. Thank you for my cool tattoo!

I used to have a tattoo that I didn’t like, so I went to this studio to get it fixed.
These guys know exactly what they do. Now I love my new tattoo!

Wonderful friendly staff! Super clean studio, welcoming atmosphere!
Thank you so much for my awesome tattoos!


Our Work