Lady V’s Miracle Mist

Lady V's Miracle Mist is leading the way in Australian Tattoo Aftercare.

Our Tattoo Mist is enriched with 5 natural ingredients found in Australia. Its unique formulation of natural Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Fungal ingredients has been specifically designed for the Aftercare of new Tattoos.
It is easy to apply with or unique hands free hygienic atomiser pump. Simply spray the mist in the direction of your new tattoo and allow it to fall gently on the skin. Your body heat will disperse the product evenly, avoiding cross contamination from finger tips, as the is no need to rub this product in.

Tattoo After Care Advice

We recommend you use the product 3-5 times a day or whenever you feel the tattoo getting a little dry and inflexible.  LadyV's Miracle Mist is a 'No Brainer' way to care for and protect your new tattoo. The product leaves trace elements of wax on the surface of your tattoo, still allowing it to breathe whilst protecting the tattoo from dust particles and sweat.

"WASH * DRY * SPRAY  twice a day with 3 squirts in between"

Synthetic Free After Care Product

Lady V's Miracle Mist Tattoo Aftercare is the only Australian product that offers a truly natural alternative to common creams and balm's. Free from synthetic chemicals, fragrances and colours, it is relieving and absorbs quickly.

Contains All Natural Ingredients

After many years of research, testing and careful consideration, we came up with the perfect Tattoo Aftercare Product.  We use all natural ingredients including:
  • Emu Oil to reduce swelling and redness

  • Manuka Honey for protection

  • Chamomile Oil for soothing

  • Calendula Oil for skin repair

  • Vitamin E Oil for skin rejuvenation

100% Australian Made

Lady V’s Miracle Mist is Australia’s first all-natural hands free application Tattoo Aftercare.
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